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About Songs for Seniors


Songs for Seniors is a non-profit organization seeking to connect artists and communities everywhere. By employing musicians to be community service providers, we can support the independent artist while helping to benefit the lives of an oft-underserved member our society: seniors! 

The economic hardships placed on the independent musician have long been known, and as the music industry continues to evolve, the traditional means of advancing a musical career have become extremely difficult to manage. We hope to change that. Instead of treating artists solely as marketable commodities, we can support and advance their efforts by recognizing the valuable contributions they can make to the health and well-being of our senior citizens.

While many senior living communities do have and utilize budgets for entertainment, these funds are small, and many communities entirely lack the financial support needed to provide these benefits to their residents. Our services bring entertainment to these communities, free of charge, to ensure that seniors everywhere have an opportunity to have their lives enriched while providing the independent musician a new arena in which they can contribute to society and maintain the financial support needed to continue pursuing their creative work. 

Community serving artists, and artists serving community. This is our mission, and we hope you consider joining us!